On August 21st we celebrate poetry and the poets who create poems. So get yourself a new portable thesaurus, some new bookmarks or a new journal to write poems in. If you want to be a poet yourself get a new notebook and start writing poetry in it. For fun buy yourself or someone else poetry magnets. Read some poetry to your children. The Poem Hunter website has poems about poets at www.PoemHunter.com/search/?q=poet. The Zazzle website has poet gifts at www.Zazzle.com/poet+gifts and poet art at www.Zazzle.com/poet+art.

.In 1988 President Reagan signed a proclamation stating that August 21st is Senior Citizens Day. Senior Citizens Day honors senior citizens and what they have done for other people, the community and the nation. On Senior Citizens Day people are urged to volunteer to visit senior citizens and to work for senior citizen programs. One way you can help to support Senior Citizens Day is to visit your grandparents and talk to them. You can also bring gifts and take your grandparents out to go shopping. Do some chores for your grandparents or other seniors you know. When senior citizens are in nursing homes volunteers can come to the nursing homes and read to senior citizens. Zazzle sells senior citizen gifts at www.Zazzle.com/senior+citizen+gifts and senior citizen tote bags at www.Zazzle.com/senior+citizen+bags. Zazzle also has senior citizen art at www.Zazzle.com/senior+citizen+art and senior citizen ties at www.Zazzle.com/senior+citizen+ties.

Spumoni Day is celebrated on August 21st in the United States. Spumoni is an Italian molded frozen dessert or gelato with three layers separated by a layer of candied fruit and nuts. Spumoni came from Naples, Italy and was brought to the States by Italian immigrants. The original spumoni was made in the colors of the Italian flag with cherry, pistachio and vanilla ice cream. Spumoni is still served but Neapolitan ice cream with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors evolved from Spumoni because chocolate, vanilla and strawberry were the most popular ice cream flavors in America. Spumoni is not scooped, it is sliced. Spumoni is also the name of an Italian cocktail made with Campari, grapefruit juice and tonic water. To make a Spumoni you put one ounce of Campari, one ounce of fresh grapefruit juice and one ounce of tonic water in a chilled Collins glass, stir the drink, put ice in it and garnish it with an orange twist. The Spumoni cocktail can be an aperitif before dinner or drunk with the meal. Zazzle has spumoni gifts at www.Zazzle.com/spumoni+gifts and spumoni art at www.Zazzle.com/spumoni+art.

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