I just read an article about how 95 % of the worlds ATM's are going to be vulnerable to hacking risks. Apparently most of the ATM systems use Window's XP and Microsoft will no longer be offering any technical service starting April 8. Also the number of only fifteen percent of institutions will do the upgrade before that April cutoff. That leaves a bunch of ATM's to be vulnerable to the hacking threat.

The accounts might be FDIC protected but you know if you were a victim of some ATM hacking that it would be a pain and it would take awhile for your bank to sort it out. I know my mom's card information was stolen last year and it was a headache for a few days. Dealing with police, the bank and being broke until the bank released the funds back. Not something most people would want to deal with.

So we are being told not to worry too much about it, but also keep an eye on your account and beware of charges you didn't make.