I remember watching Ashley Salazar’s 16 and Pregnant episode and her baby daddy/ex at the time Justin was not on the show at all. He was barely even mentioned besides when she said he was out of the picture. It was hard to watch this girl go through this alone. She had to go through the pain of a pregnancy, birth, and adoption without his help.

Well they have since rekindled things are seem pretty happy together. They are even engaged now! So why would Ashley take someone back after he was not there for her during the toughest time in her life?

Well she explained on her sulia page “Justin actually got arrested the day before Callie was born, therefore causing him to miss her birth and everything for the first couple of years. It really hurt him and he is doing great now though. He is about to get his record totally cleaned since it has been seven years since his charge.”

Well that makes more sense and we are happy that they could work everything out.

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