Those diapers are a joke! Well, at least they were when I bought them.

I was there one day, shopping for wipes. I usually buy wipes there and diapers at Family Dollar since Walgreens doesn't carry Luvs diapers. I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like going to two stores, so I figured, what the heck? I'll buy the Walgreens brand diapers. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

My son has never had sensitive skin and he's never been allergic to anything. Until he wore these diapers.

He wore them for 2 days with no problem. All of a sudden, I changed him this morning, and he had a HUGE RASH all over his diaper area (no, it wasn't from pee or poop because he was barely even wet). I thought to myself "You have GOT to be joking right now".

So I wait until Walgreens' opening hours. I call them to speak to customer service and I explained the situation and asked if I'd be able to return them if I came in (since I've used about 10 out of the box and I didn't have the receipt). The lady was so nice and said "Sure! Come back and we'll give you a refund!" Awesome. I was happy because if I would've gotten a cash refund, I could have walked to Family Dollar and bought the Luvs that he's been in since he was born.

So I go in, I explain that I spoke to someone earlier, and I asked if I could get a refund. The lady tells me that I can only get in-store credit. Well, that sucks. I only bought change with me, no cash.

So I had to count out $7 in change so I could buy Huggies, instead of buying Luvs. He's never been in Huggies either so hopefully his rash will clear soon. I gave him a bath tonight (he screamed in pain the whole time.. the water wasn't hot.. he was just uncomfortable because of the rash) and put diaper rash cream and baby powder on him. My poor little boy. All of this because Walgreens' diapers are such CRAP.