That title says a lot about how we organize in our lives and how we control what does and what does not frustrate us causing stress and a myriad of health problems. I myself always thought this is an 'avenue' of self-exploration when you examine things all around you and compartmentalize based on priorities and boundaries, well set. take for instance a piece of furniture used often in your immediate surroundings, like a table, more importantly pay close attention what is on it, how decorated or simple it is. You are not looking for a reason to clean so I am not suggesting you focus on any dust but rather any readily observed substantiation of how we organize our lives.

I took my dining room table which is usually organized and not a real mess BUT it is almost a year since step-daddy hasn't been here so things are not as organized as before-- but mom n I still find stuff in the semi-clutter. The condition of the table as far as glass surface is still cared for weekly with a stripping of all things on it and a nice lemon-fresh scented glass cleaner is used to maintain its crystal clear beauty. However when I am talking about a cluttered lifestyle versus and orderly one, my dining room table appears to peg me as slightly disorganized but only on this one area of the house where mail, circulars, video tapes, stamps, candles, various writing instruments, linen placemats, and a few writing tablets usually make up the 'mess'.

In this slightly cluttered disarray I still manage to make my way through and put stuff for the lady of the house at her spot. If by now you still don't see the correlation of being neat and tidy instead of cluttered is to have the example right in your face, everyday so you can be aware of what you do have control over and what you don't. The organization of your life as far as setting boundaries and following guidelines that work well with others can really show you a world of difference.

I thank you for reading this and tell me what you think about bettering our entire perspective ?

sharing the light, erica~