The meaning of life? What is it? Is it even there? are we effectively programmed from when we are born to do things in a certain way, go to school, college, university, career, marriage, children and so on? From the moment we are born, we are shown and told to do things a certain way, to behave in a certain way. Its scary in a way as when you properly think into it, anyone can manipulate a situation to the ay they want it to be... And we also do that with a new born child. Life is what you are told it should be like, you cant just grow up in white box, no sound, no colours, nothing and one day a door appear and your in the world ready to make your own mind up on what should and shouldn't be right. is it a bad thing having people show us the way on what should and shouldn't be done through out your entire life. maybe not, sometimes we do need that little nudge in the right direction. Maybe it is, sometimes their decisions can cause conflict and heartache, you go against them and they are either right or wrong and it was the best thing you ever done. For example if my daughter says to me I want to go bungee jumping or sky diving... not in a million years would I allow her but if she wanted to do it so badly, she would do it without a doubt. Then when she has done them she will be talking about it for a year afterwards. some decisions that one person may have doesn't mean the other person has to think the same way. Funny isn't it how were all 'programmed' to live the same lives,.. we are all just born to die, why should we 'do' the middle bit... the school, higher education, college etc. why cant we just do what we want? with out the worries and the stress, every honest person cant say they are truly happy, something telling you there's something different out there for you but no matter where you look you cant find it... some people say that you have past lives, that when you die you come back as a person or animal. some people even say they know there pervious past lives and remember certain things about the person they last 'lived' as. Having a free mind is something that can make you into the person you are meant to be, whether that's a passion for something, that's for you too find out but don't grow old wondering if something was there for you, open your mind and think of things out of the box. You cant begin to learn about other things if you don't do things out of the ordinary, the things that people expect you to you are boring, you are not them and you cant be expected to be a 'clone' of them, 'following in their footsteps', one thing everyone does have in common is we all grow old. We all age. Grow frail. Get grey hair. Is it possible to never grow old? What if scientists have maybe found a way to do this? Keep reading my future posts to find out :)