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Are ghost real? Do they really exist?

Everyone has his/her own special abilities regarding their own personality some tend to have . But only few people have proved that they do really exist. People with ability to see the dead is a rare ability. It tends to be rather an odd gift gained or through hereditary. Parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomenon, they have proved the existence of the dead in our presence using different paranormal gadgets.Each of us has our own Auras which represents our true abilities or personalities. Each and everyone of us has our own "Auras". White Aura'ed people are people who Tends to see ghosts. Ghosts are attracted to "Light" while Black Aura'ed people "Repels" ghosts.White Aura'ed people are rarely seen according to a person i know who sees auras about 2/50 people. Commonly people has Yellow, Blue, Red, and Purple auras and Real Psychologist sees aura of people that is why they can read our personality and our feelings.