I love Arby's and usually try their new sandwiches when they come out. I recently tried the new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich.

This sandwich is quite different from Arby's regular roast beef. Instead of the deli style roast beef they usually use, this is brisket that has actually been smoked (you can see that the edges have that pink, smoked look) and cut right off the brisket. It actually looks really great. In the photo here that I took of my sandwich, the meat looks pink but it actually isn't - just the edges are from the smoking.

The meat and other toppings are on a bakery style, slightly toasted bun that has a really great flavor. The bun is great quality and is a bit chewy. The toppings are a thick slice of smoked gouda cheese, french fried onions, mayo and barbecue sauce. It all tastes great but the barbecue sauce, to me, is out of place. It doesn't add much to the sandwich at all and really does taste out of place. I think that a steak sauce or some type of smoky, flavored mayo concoction would have been better here. The french fried onions are great and the gouda cheese is pretty good as well. The addition of the mayo didn't do much for this sandwich and I could barely detect its presence.

This sandwich was good but next time I would ask for it without the barbecue sauce as I felt that it almost ruined the sandwich. I found the sandwich to be filling and satisfying and a great concept overall.

I paid $4.59 for this sandwich at my local Arby's.

Note: The photos shown here are my own and were taken by me.

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