I'm all about flavored sparkling water so when I saw the new Aquafina Flavor Splash Sparkling Nutrient Enhanced Water Beverages, I had to try them. I picked up a bottle of all three flavors, including Color Me Kiwi, which is a kiwi strawberry flavor.

These are similar to my beloved Sparkling Ice beverages but are colored and also have funkier labels. This comes in a 16.9 oz. bottle and has no calories, fat or carbohydrates. One bottle contains 95 mg. of sodium, which is 4% of the RDA. Each bottle also is fortified with 20% of the RDA of niacin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. It is flavored naturally and sweetened with sucralose, which is Splenda.

I really like the kiwi strawberry flavor of this sparkling drink. I can taste both fruits and it is sweet without being too sweet. I find it to be really refreshing and it quenches my thirst well. Splenda is one of my sweeteners of choice, so I was happy to see that this beverage was sweetened with it. I would buy this again but I do have to say that I would prefer this beverage to not be colored - it contains yellow 5 and blue 1, both of which I would be happier without in this drink.

Overall a nice change of pace from soda and I will probably buy this one again. I paid 78 cents for one bottle at Wal Mart.

Note: The photo shown here is my own and was taken by me.

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