Hello! I'm back once again to tell you about smartphone apps that PAY YOU MONEY!!

This article, I will be talking about PerkTV. This is an app that allows you to do numerous things, such as watch videos, do tasks, or search on the app PerkSearch (I'll get to that later).

For this, all you will need to know is about the section of the app that says "Apps". In this section, you will get to watch trailers for apps to get "points". Every two videos, you get 4 points. However, the cool part about this app, is that the videos will AUTOMATICALLY play after each other!!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??? You can do it in your sleep!!

That's right, literally start playing these videos, go to bed, and wake up. They will still be playing (granted you have your phone plugged in). In a matter of days, of spending no real time of yours whatsoever, you can earn enough to get like $5!! Super fast.
The redeeming process is a little strange... Like some of the rewards require you to watch an absurd amount of videos to redeem them, even if you have enough points. Although for the most part, 1000 points is equivalent to $1 (10 points is a penny). So every 5 videos you get a penny! Pretty cool!

I usually earn between 700-800 points a night by doing this! Not bad for sleeping!

Another way to earn points is by using the website or the search app to search on their engine. Literally just search 2 times a day. the first time will give you 10 points, and the second time will give you 30. That's 4 cents a day for using their stupid app to search!! Don't bother trying to search after that, because it will not reward you. Only the first two times of searching a day.

So basically this app is really cool because you can just watch videos throughout the night and earn!! Be sure to sign up using my referral code here so we both get a bonus when you sign up!! Referral code:::


Thanks so much!!