Well, we all have been hearing a lot about the new, upcoming operating system iOS 7. Yes it is true !! Apple Inc. is planning to launch this brand new OS, maybe in this fall. And it says that "Ultimately, redesigning the way it works led us to redesign the way it looks. Because good design is a design that’s in the service of the experience."

Whatever Apple designed, just look amazingly beautiful !!

Apple is the only company which actually understands its customer needs and thus it creates new, simple, enjoyable and useful things in regular time intervals to serve more and more customers all over the world and to maintain and not to lose the existing customers as well.

And Simplicity is the word that describes iOS 7 the best. As you won't be seeing any redundant buttons and bars in this new OS. It boasts a new structure, enforced across the whole system with awesome clarity as well. And you don't come to know about the good design, until and unless you use it.

In this new iOS 7, you will be able to get one-swipe 'instant' access to the things, which you have always desired for. In Apple, you will always experience that the features are not haphazardly added but are added with some reasons and are actually useful. And with the use of this operating system, you will get an effortless experience and you will not have to re-learn everything as well.

Well, you need not to adapt this OS technology again as it is already being contemplated. Apple designed this iOS 7 so properly that you can easily develop a relationship with it. And you will feel it's more than just a device, just like a friend. Thus, you will be able to enjoy dynamic interactions, cinematic animations and many unexpected useful features. For eg. When you will go through the weather application you will feel as if you are looking out a window, designed very naturally.

Using iOS 7, you will feel 'Virtuality becomes reality', for sure. Here your simpler task will become more engaging as you will get to see new approaches to motion and animation. You can get an amazing experience of iOS 7 in iPad and iPod touch other than the iPhone as well. With this operating system, you will definitely get more delectable experience on the whole.

The iPhone Application Development world is very much exciting, as it does not disappoint it users but excite them with amazing new apps which are very useful. This Apple iOS 7 is all about its usability which includes quick swipe, easy file sharing via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but only to iOS 7 users, Instagram friendly camera, now there will be 'male digital assistant' to help with your queries, iTunes radio which will offer more than 200 radio stations, can share pictures over iCloud, maps in night mode, activation lock and many more exquisite features are there in this iOS 7, which will definitely excite you like anything.

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