First thing, I want you to know that I DON'T do this to advertise for the company, I'm just reviewing this app and I have nothing to do with the creators of the app.


Smartphone users , in many cases , may need to control your device from the PC , either for convenience or to perform certain actions in a more quick and easy as it should be done from the smartphone , for example , to copy files . Mobizen is an application that will allow us to control many aspects of the smartphone from the PC .

Features of Mobizen -We can make and restore backups . -Allows file transfers between the PC and the smartphone. -Sync with PC notifications . -Draw on the computer screen . -It can record the screen of smartphone from the PC .

With Mobizen , for example , can play any game watching the screen of your smartphone dunk on your monitor , or you can use programs like WhatsApp watching and writing from our PC to be connected to our smartphone program and allow complete control of this .

How does it work ?

The operation is very simple Mobizen with 6 steps we and our PC and your smartphone connected .

-We downloade and installed the application on our smartphone Mobizen from the Play Store. -We sign into the application with an email and password . -Download the client on your PC from Mobizen website . -Connect the smartphone to your PC via a USB cable. -Run the client on your PC and enter the email and password as listed on the smartphone. -Once connected, and can control your smartphone from your PC Mobizen lets you connect via WiFi , 3G and cable , but depending on the speed of 3G and WiFi , the experience can be better or worse , for example , with a low speed , smartphone screen we see in our monitor can be some delay, or copying files may take too long.

No doubt Mobizer is a tool, still in beta, but in the future can be an excellent alternative to control your smartphone from your PC simply.

Hope this helps you! Stay tuned in for more.

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