I really havent read the provisions of the anti bullying act. Thats why i wonder if it include the cyber bullying. It only emphasize bullying in school where the school authorities are required to implement policies about the course of action needed to be taken for the bullies and the parents of the bullies. But what about those bullied over internet? Does that not include penalties? Anyway if the school will implement rules can they actually propagate them rules. Will they be strict on rules? My son has been a victim of bullying in school and up to now despite several complaints to the teachers and principal nothing happens. The bullies are just being reprimanded and that's it. They dont have a follow up of any hevier penalty like for instNce suspension. And even if there is suspension they just tend to like it because they dont go to school and it will be just against their school absence credits. Anyway its better than nothing. So let's just hope that this law would eliminate the bullying in school.