#Alzheimer will take away the patience's #memory, and there is no know cure yet. However, there are ways to slow it down and preserve the brain clarity for longer periods of time.

Alzheimer is a terrible disease that hurts human's brain (central nerve system) and turns him into a living dead person. He is a live physically, but he is forgetting who he is and what he used to be. Despite the fact that science was able to identify some of the mechanisms involved in it, as of today there is still no know cure to Alzheimer. Yet, studies show that the higher your education is, and the more you use your brain - the lower the changes you will be sick with Alzheimer.

In additional, several visual exercises where found to be efficient in keeping your brain sharp and postpone the appearance of the Alzheimer symptoms. Here are those #visual #exercises, use them to practice your brain and Bye Bye Alzheimer.

You need to find 10 faces hidden in the tree.
Search for the face hidden in the picture. Find the baby. Can you see the kissing couple? There are 3 women in this picture. Find all 3 of them. Can you tell the difference between a horse and a frog? Watch closely for few seconds…