My sister asked me to make a simple introduction for her baby who will be celebrating his first birthday in Shakeys. Here it is!

Hello everyone, hello kids! We are all gathered here today to celebrate the first birthday of a cute baby boy in the name of Carlson Lance Avan. But before we start this celebration, let me give you a short introduction/trivia about our birthday celebrant.

He is the first born son of Mr. and Mrs Avan. When Carlson was still inside the womb of his mother, different classical songs and instrumentals were being played to nurture his brain development. No wonder that even with months only as age, he seems to be very much inclined to music. He likes to listen to different nursery rhymes, especially the classic ABC song. That’s his favourite. He also enjoys jamming with his grandfather when playing guitar.

Aside from that, our birthday celebrant for today also loves to smile. He is a very cheerful baby with a charming smile that surely captures everyone’s hearts. Even the strangers around him cannot resist his charm. Are you already excited to meet him? Let us all welcome our birthday celebrant for tonight, Carlson Lance Avan. Here he is!

Thank you all for celebrating this day with us. Carlson Lance also wants to thank you all for the gifts you have brought. Let us start the party. Enjoy the food and games because lots of prizes await you! Have a fantastic time everyone.