Well, today, I am lucky to know the real name of our hero @Arvind , I guess we can call him Sir Avi for short. I found this interview on the Yahoo! Voices and I love it. Arvind, together with the other brilliant guys who have founded Bubblews have great plans – for both Bubblews and its users.

I am really excited for the 3 big projects… and I am really impressed with the concept of Bubblews. Arvind and his team are trying to bring back what blogging should be few years ago. Blogging is something like a personal journal, and no one should say if you are right or wrong. Internet must give everyone the freedom – whether you come from the US, India, Philippines or any part of the world – and whatever tongue we use to speak.

An Interview with @Arvind on Yahoo! Voices by Yvonne P. Mazzulo: http://voices.yahoo.com/arvind-avi-dixit-brains-behind-revolutionary-12141517.html?cat=15

We can write a bubble “only” in English (we can use our own dialect with translation in English, but please do not use Google Translate), but Arvind is not looking for professional writers. If we can write awesome contents flawlessly, then it’s appreciated but the very essence is the idea that we share and how we put our own style into it…

He says that ideas are like bubbles, there are small, and there are big… I have discussed Bubblews to a friend of mine a while ago, at first she was afraid because she has bad English, but I told her that Bubblews won’t reject her application, she can always be a better bubbler…

Image source: Yahoo! Voices Image credit: Courtesy of Arvind Dixit Copyright: Permission Granted from Arvind Dixit

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