As many of you know, my husband and I have a small collectibles business, selling coins, banknotes, medals, old postcards and other related memorabilia online. We've been doing this about twenty years now and find it's a fun business to run from home. My role is to sell the old postcards, something I really love as they are filled with social history and fascinating stories.

Whenever a holiday comes around we're always sure to check out our stock for related items. Consequently right now I'm busy selling old Easter postcards. Easter is a theme often popular with collectors.

This beautiful old postcard is a typical example of an embossed postcard, one that you can feel the image slightly raised when you run your fingers over the front. I love the beautiful colours and the delightful innocence of the children in this card.

There is no mention of publisher on the back, but many postcards back then were published in Germany and sent back to England or USA. This card has a short personal message on the back and is addressed to a New York address, but was never posted. No doubt the sender decided it was too pretty to be handled in the post and perhaps sent it inside an envelope.

What do you think? Would you have liked to receive this in the mail if you were living a hundred years ago?

Photo credit: an old 1900s postcard in the posession of Val Mills, writer of this post.

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