I watched a show earlier it was a series called Paranormal Witness.

On this show there was a priest Father Vince Lambert.The Catholic church forbids videoing exorcism’s or showing the videos anyway.

Father Lambert was asked to be the Exorcist for Indianapolis when his mentor passed away in two thousand and four.He was sent to Rome,Italy to be trained and study.Father Lambert thought that the exorcism was something you just saw in movies.He would soon discover that it was indeed not. He watched the old priest perform several exorcism’s and helped in some of them.He didn’t think he would be able to do this task if he was ever called upon to do so.In the summer of two thousand and five he was asked for help by a southern Indiana couple.The woman had went to every doctor that she could find and the church was their only hope and also their last resort.He went to speak with her and she explained the fifteen years earlier a friend of hers was having a horrible time that she felt something was inside her.The woman being a friend told her whatever is inside you I invite it inside me.And from that day on she was constantly tormented.After talking with her he wanted to pray with the couple before he left and when he started the prayer the woman lunged at him like a mad dog.He knew then that she was possessed.He had her meet him at an abandoned Monastery and went through the Exorcism ritual with her.At the end he had freed her from the demonic. It’s an amazing story I would invite anyone to watch this. It’s pretty scary to see but worth it to watch.