And again, like I've been doing with my last few posts, this is yet another example of one of my older works that I have brought forward and published for my Bubblews audience. Also again, like my other recently published images, this is another postmodern contemporary abstract fractal art image I created using the fractal generator software, Vchira, with post work in Photoshop. This one is the forth variation from the Ambrosia Rising image series theme. The post work that I did on "Ambrosia Rising Variation 4" included creating the digital frame, and some filtering and layering effects, as well as adding my digital Bill M. Tracer Studio logo signature seal, small as not to distract from the design, while decidedly present, showing authenticity.

Be sure to click on the above small image, which is really little more than a thumb nail of this work of fractal art, in order to see it greatly enlarged in a separate window devoted to just the image. It makes a really big difference in the quality of what you see.

In case you missed any of the other 3 works of the postmodern fractal art in this particular contemporary 4 piece abstract art series, they are found here:

Variation 1: Variation 2: Variation 3:

As with all of my images presented here at Bubblews, including this piece of postmodern contemporary fractal abstract art, I'm presenting a copy of the image with the resolution greatly reduced for security reason, and in order to fit the size limitations of the site, but you can still see it quite well even with the resolution reduced this much, especially if you do go ahead and click the thumb sized image to enlarge it. You can find the much higher resolution poster version of this work of art at: