The second in the series of my #amazingbuildings I want to <a class="hashtag-link" href="/tags/sharewithyou">#sharewith_you is the Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri in United States of America.

The building looks like a shelf with books on it, but these are no ordinary books.

These #books that are highly influential which represent Kansas City chosen by the people of the city. Lord of the Rings, Charlotte's Web, Romeo and Juliet, Catch 22 and Invisible Man are a few of the books that stand out among others.

The exterior looks like the books on a shelf, but behind the books is a car park!

I think this is a fascinating exterior to a building/ car park. The City's aim was to revitalise the downtown area and get more people to access the library.

If I saw something like this I certainly would have been #inspired to have a look inside! I am also sure that they attract tourists to the city to visit this amazing building, even if it is the outside of a car park.

I haven't visited America yet, but I will be going soon hopefully as one of my sisters will be moving there in the near future.

I hope you liked this post. Thank you very much for viewing my post.

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