Rex, the robotic exoskeleton, was built in the States and artificial organs collected worldwide and is evidence of "living" that science begins to catch up with the science fiction. In total establishment cost of one million dollars. There is much debate about the creation of the "bionic man" because now scientists have not only able to replace parts of the body but also to enhance human capabilities, experts put their ethics. Rex was created for a documentary called How to Build a Bionic Man, whose Gaza is dr.Bertolt Meyer, a Swiss psychologist who also has a $ 30,000 bionic arm. "It's exciting and a little scary. You might find us at a point where we begin to realize the possibilities that science and technology gives us to overcome the limits of evolution, "said Meyer. Rex has an artificial eye is made ​​up of a microchip implanted in the retina, which receives images taken by a camera placed on his glasses. Further, the microchip sends electrical impulses to the brain, thus transformed into shapes and patterns. Among other features, Rex has an arm 26 moves on an arc of 26 degrees, to a lesser degree than does the human arm and a leg to ankle bionic leg that mimics human action and Achilles tendon.