I am a Ghost!

I know there are skeptics and believers and I believe an extreme dose of skepticism is always healthy when dealing with the unexplained. Typically, you'll find a logical explanation if you look harder. Things like “orbs” for example don't impress me. Dust or bugs – 99.99% of the time, I promise you.

It's the things that you experience for yourself, that you cannot debunk, that continue to defy explanation that make you wonder.

Now most people when they tell a #ghost-story or #paranormal type story, will recount how a ghost or spirit energy scared the bejeebers out of them. My latest story is a little different – I scared a “ghost” - not just a little bit either, I scared the heck out of this poor man in my kitchen.

A little background: We live in a Victorian farmhouse, circa 1880 or so. In our kitchen is a hidden door that goes up a back staircase and what is now a very large storage room, was at one time the sleep quarters for the farmhands back in the day. This side of our house has strange things that happen, but we see/hear so much stuff we ignore it largely.

One night, I was walking to the kitchen with my glass to rinse it and put it away. As I'm standing at the sink, humming a tune, I feel the air change and I hear a man with a quavering voice – h-h-h hello? M'am? Hello? I turned and looked and for one split second I see an outline of a man approaching me kind of crouched down and stepping lightly towards me and then poof he was gone! I could feel his fear, hear the heavy breath as he approached. I do believe he was terrified, but perhaps wanted to help me? who knows.

I know what I saw though and I was not doing anything that would have led to flights of fancy at that time - just washing a glass.

So sorry to disturb you! I said politely – and quickly went back down to the other side of the house. It took a minute to register. Perhaps, just perhaps, we too are “ghosts” in other realms. Who knows how many planes of existence there might be. I am an open-minded skeptic. Skeptical because I am very analytical in my thought processes and pattern, but open-minded, because I have experienced things much of my life that defy "logical" explanation. I know there is SO much we don't understand. After all it wasn't that long ago humanity believed the Earth was flat and we could just sail right off the edge.

As someone who has experienced things since I was young – It doesn't frighten me. I felt terrible that I apparently frightened this poor man in his realm, wherever or whatever that is. I have not seen him again - just that one time.

Have you ever scared a disembodied person before?

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Photo Credit: Me