Oh, yes! It's absolutely right! All children need both a mother and a father in home to raise them. Children need their parents in order to have good morals and attitudes. They are our sources to attain good and nurtured life. Our attitudes as we can see outside our home is also our values inside this four-walled structure and everywhere. I'll state one of the examples, when a child saw a friend crying because his lollipop fell on the ground, this child then bought or gave his friend his candy just to stop his friend from crying. So, you got now an idea on why children need ther parents? Well, the example only shows and states that what the child did to his friend is also his personality at home, and it is because of his mom and dad's way of raising him. So you put this idea on yourself, you would probably experience the situation above. So come to think of it!

One fact of a child needing his parents is he can't grow alone. Yes! A child can't grow alone without his mom and dad because no one can ever take care of him. Eventhough the child has some relatives but yet parents are much more different because a child can only feel the true raising of him, especially when he is on the side of his parents. So come to realize that a child without his mom and dad cannot grow with much pleasure in his heart because he can't feel the warmth of love that parents should give to their children. Surely! A child who was raised with good and desirable personality has also good, disciplined, and responsible parents. So, how do you like that? It's very much interesting for a child to grow frolicksome with a responsible, caring, and loving parents.

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