I have had kidney stones for years. The last attack was bout three months ago and at that time I decided to stop drinking any alcohol products. It has not changed me into a raving manic but I do admit that I do enjoy an occasional drink and miss socializing with some of my friends who do drink.

Today I was doing research on alcohol and kidney stones and according to some medical reports it is not the alcohol itself that is producing the stones but the dehydration that causes the calcium to start forming the stones. The reports suggest that as long as a person drinks 2 - 3 liters of water per day there should be no adverse effects from an occasional alcoholic beverage.

So as I am at this very moment (between keystrokes of course) uncapping a bottle of Beer Leo, all I can say is “Chok Dee Krup!”, or in English, “Here’s to your health!”

Now, after all that research, the beer tasted awful! So I guess I will l stick with water and juice!

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