In this kind of Dota Map game, bugs are really viral but time by time, it's been fixed urgently by updating a new version of the map. This Aftershock bug is working only in Dota v6.74 Lod v4c map. So here's the skill combinations of this bug: *3rd Skill of Earth Shaker -obviously, this is the main skill use for this bug. The remaining skills which three would be your own choice, wether it is wave to directly go to the target hero or you can choose move speed skill or invisible skills. For the two ultimates: *Last Skill of Xin (Ember Spirit) -so this is the needed skill to bug the casting of Aftershock, if you already played this hero, this skill works to find the possible spirit of Xin and if you click this Xin will teleport to the spirit. So to make this bug working, you do not need to plant spirits instead go near (you can use wave of Morphing or Blink) to the target hero and activate this skill as much as you can and the aftershock skill will start to work and the target hero will be stucked because aftershock has an effect of bashing the hero for few seconds.

The last ultimate would be your own choice also, you can choose last skill of ogre for multicast or other skills to make your hero better. So, the most important skills of this Aftershock bug are 3rd skill of Earth Shaker and Last Skill of Ember Spirit. Thanks for reading.. #dota-tips #dota-lod #awesometips #personal-share #gaming-tips