If you have a blog or website, and want to find an easy, free way to make your online presence profitable, sign up for Affiliate Programs.

An Affiliate Program allows you to write or blog and link to associated products. When one of your readers and potential customers clicks on the link and buys the product, you get a small commission from the sale.

Most companies have affiliate programs. Those programs are managed by sites like Commission Junction (CJ.com) and LinkShare.com.

Both Affiliate Marketing solutions are free to join. As long as your site or blog is g-rated, you will be approved for the majority of the programs. This will allow you to promote their banners and links on your website. Any purchases made that originated from your site, you get a percentage of the sale.

Just a few of the more reputable affiliate programs are:

eFax, Straight Talk, MyFax, eVoice, US Search.com, Intelius, Paintball-Online.com, Yahoo!, eMusic, Intuit-Quicken, Bullguard, eMusic, Date.com, GameFly, eHealth Insurance, CashNetUSA, iContact, Fathead, Western Union, PETCO, Bloomberg Businessweek, Tracfone Wireless, MacMall, Laptops For Less, Register.com, Walmart, and there's so many more.

The aforementioned sites show how flexible you can be with your advertising because many of these programs can be incorporated with whatever you're blogging or writing about. Your advertisements are seamless; are not too clumsy for your site, and won't alter the theme of your website.

Your blog and website advertising should be subtle and the banners must look like they belong. Otherwise, misplaced links and banners, along with too much clutter, will cheapen your site.

You can sign up for numerous programs by setting up an account with either CJ.com or LinkShare.com .. Many programs will approve your online application immediately (it's not really an application, you apply by clicking a check box and agreeing to the terms and conditions. That's all you do and you can now promote various products from your web or blog.

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