If you game at Neopets chances are you know about The Battledome; you used to be able to use the Bottled Faeries to bless your pets to increase certain abilities that they could use while in battle. That changed when Aethia opened her ability training center. The initial buzz of the new bottled faeries was epic; the prices on them were sky high but now that the market is flooded with them you can find the common ones like the Weak Bottled Air Faerie for as little as 200NP. Even the Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie has dropped significantly in price.

What Is A Faerie Blessing? There are certain attributes that a pet can learn when blessed with a bottled faerie; the older ones have been renamed as 'fading bottled faeries' but their imagery has stayed the same. When you have blessings that you want to add to your pet you need to have them in your inventory. Click on one and it will open a smaller window. Then you can pick the Neopet you want to bless. You will be given a confirmation screen showing how many blessings you got from it and the option to go to the academy. The prices on them have dropped a lot so if you have a high enough level you might want to see what you can get to make your fights in the Battledome a little easier. When a war breaks out the prices on them could go through the roof however the site is overrun with them at the moment and the ongoing War of The Obelisk isn't really doing much to keep people motivated to buy the faeries and use them. There are different abilities available; what you can pick from depends on the level of your pet. The highest tier of abilities is level 500 and above with the most sought after being the Meepit Stampede which requires 60 Earth Faerie Blessings and 100 Dark Faerie Blessings. Getting the bottled faeries needed isn't a problem if you have the NP to buy them but it is time consuming to keep blessing your pet. Once you apply a blessing to a pet you can't use it for another pet so be careful with how you apply them. Sometimes it is best to level up first them add the abilities because chances are you are going to get a couple that are going to give you more than one blessing at a time. I currently have Icicle, Cranky, Lens Flare and Shroud. Initially I got Throw Pillows but didn't know that it was a limited use item. The old bottled faeries can still be used but not in the same was as the new ones; in order to use them you have to go to the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island and add them. Combine three of them to get a new faerie. Personally I am holing on to the older ones because they are now a retired item; you can still get them from a couple of the daily events at the site but I have only gotten one or two of them from the Tiki Tack Tombola. If nothing else, the older faeries will make for a nice addition to a gallery and since people constantly joining and leaving the site there's no telling them Neopets will actually retire them and stop giving them out at the daily events. The prices on these skyrocketed when people saw that they were retired; I could have sold the ones that I had in my safety deposit box for a sweet quick profit but I opted to hold on to them. When I see them selling cheap I do snipe them. Even though it takes three of them to make one of the new bottled faeries there is still a demand for from them collectors and gallery owners. To mix the older faeries visit the Cooking Pot:

To pick your abilities once you have blessed your pet you need to go to the Battledome and then choose the Abilities tab or just use this link:

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