I don't feel like writing about my day today.

I feel like writing about something else.

I feel like making statements. I feel like writing about this friend of mine. She’s tired of being browbeaten by one of the people that she gives up considerably amounts of time effort even money to care take for. She’s tired of being treated like trash. She’s tired of being dragged feet first into someone else's depression. She’s tired of every time she starts to get ahead she gets told off for not being further ahead, chastised for getting ahead, and then scolded for doing what she’s doing now to get ahead.

She’s tired of being the verbal punching bag for a sick old man who has this unexplainable urge to always be angry at someone. When he runs out of outsiders to be angry at then he turns on family. No one is special to him. Or another way of looking it - those who are "special" to him had better run.

She's tired of it.