Although Alan Wake 2 is expected to be announced soon for the Xbox 720, it remains a mystery as to when the video game will be released. If Remedy Entertainment is smart, they would have developed the sequel as a launch game for Microsoft’s next generation system.

The sales potential for Alan Wake 2 could be maximized if it is released on the same day as the Xbox 720. This is due to the fact that the launch lineup for the system is most likely going to be limited. Not to mention that customers are more willing to take a chance on a unique title like Alan Wake 2 with the advent of a new generation.

The video game can also help Microsoft and the Xbox 720 differentiate from Sony and the Playstation 4. Alan Wake 2 should provide another distinctive experience that can only be found on the Xbox 720 amongst the sea of expected first-person shooters.

The first Alan Wake game ended up selling two million copies on the PC and Xbox 360. The sequel has the potential to achieve more if it can be released as a launch game for the Xbox 720.