In my school/college studying time English was NOT an unavoidable language needed for ordinary life in India. But, after widespread using of computer and the Internet in all sectors of life that situation is totally changed. Now English has turned as an unavoidable language all over the world for almost important matters in ordinary life.

In India 3 languages are compulsory subjects in school level education. So I had to study Hindi and English as official languages of India and Malayalam as regional language in my school education. In that days most of the people in India were reluctant in giving importance to English language and wanted promotion of their regional languages. However as compulsory subject every student got basic knowledge in English before completion of their school education. In college education too English is an essential subject in India. So I too got an average knowledge to read and write English on completion of my college education.

On getting my 1st job in a public sector bank I found how much helpful is knowledge in English. All circulars and books related to procedures of Banking were in English. Generally letters and messages were in English. Now after entering to internet and online sites that knowledge in English is helping me to survive at that field. Though I am NOT excellent in English language, I am managing to convey my ideas and understand others ideas with my average knowledge in English.

Now I am thankful to the education system in India with English language as a compulsory subject to study.

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