So how is life doing for ya? :)) Well as for me, I am doing all the things I should and spend a little less on some stuffs that didn't need attention. I was just waiting for to pay me every end of the month, but I was shocked when "omfg" my links were broken and deleted. At first I wasn't able to login my adfly account using facebook, I didn't receive any email regarding my account status. They INSTABAN my account like BAM! I was like, "What the hell?" for weeks I had no idea of what is going on then this? Come on man!

Anyway, there are types of ads in the net. They are the type of ad sellers who enforce users to view ads. It won't grow big. Thank goodness I saw before and I wondered why people blog here instead of good old blogs and forums.

While I was searching for stuffs such as wimax tutorials, I ended up looking for more here @ bubblews. The comments were pretty good and the neighbors too! I did not mind this good growing blog before because I am more focused on creating my own blogs and post some ads. Anyway, I have been saying much that is unrelated to the topic now.

My tip of advice, stay away from Do blogs here where you can benefit more. You will be forced to used English which can sharpen your speaking and writing. Easy to share and like and the most of all, it is free for everyone. No waiting dates for withdrawal, as long as you have a minimum of 25$ you can start withdrawing your earnings into your selected payment options. Hassle Free!

Like I said, I transferred they key from adfly to bubblews. To get a session key please click this link ->