Today was the last regular press conference to be held by Law Enforcement who have been looking for Abigail Hernandez, the 15-year old girl missing from her home in New Hampshire. She has missing over a week now. She was seen Wednesday, October 9, leaving her school around 2:30. She sent her last text from her iPhone to a friend around 2:50. The last ping from her phone was at 3:07, and that was about 4 miles away from her previous location. Police and FBI agents have been conducting searches and stopping vehicles, asking for any sightings or information about Abby's disappearance. Pleas have been issued by Abigail's mother and sister, asking Abby to please come home or call.

There have been daily press conferences to release information and keep Abby's name and case alerted to the public. However, today's press conference will be the last until new information comes forward. Authorities say that tips have been coming in and they are trying to follow up on each one.