Yesterday’s vocal concert in the Margazhi Maha Utsavam of Jaya TV was that of Abhishek Raghuram, the young prodigy of Carnatic music. His theme was ‘Lalgudi Samarpanam’ in which he sang the versatile songs of Lalgudi clan. The concert started with the song “Kannan seyyalandro” in Natakurinji raga. The mellow voice with the exuberant and dulcet singing really made moods for the audience.

The second song ‘Thamadam tagadayya’ by Lalgudi Gopala Iyer was a shower of the raga Mohanakalyani in the Swaraprastharam part. He proved that complex singing is simple for him with his stately knowledge in Carnatic Music. The interaction with the accompaniments was also commendable as Abhishek would pause at some points for them to play and then continue singing.

The third song was ‘Devaki’ in Madhyamavathi Raga that brought sanctity. Then, a raving rendition of raga Sindhubhairavi as the base with the tambura turned off became the grandeur of melody. It was soothing to the ears and to the eyes with perfect co-ordination with the accompaniments. Abhishek pointed out that Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman was able to stamp an idyll in each line he composes during the Q & A session.

The concert ended with the thillana in Khamas raga. Abhishek Raghuram is a growing artist with high caliber in producing intellectual renditions with a rare talent.

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