We saw Aashique2 movie today. It is a musical hit movie which is running successfully all over India. Hero and heroine are well suited to the characters. They did so good. I really liked the music. And the some of the heroine dialogues are very heart touching. The director Mohit suri's direction is an added advantage to the movie.

I also seen Aashique long time back. It is also a musical hit movie. Till today that movie music rocks. But this Aashique2 is different love story from that first movie. A perfect relationship will ruin because of the insecurity among the musicians. And i think the hero's ambitions may be she should come up in her career and because of him she is not doing her job perfectly so he ends up his life and she remains as Aarohi Rahul Jakar. Sad love story but very heart touching one.

I liked this movie among all movies which got released recently.