My day usually starts at 5am, I have the alarm to tell it to me. From there, I would get up, make myself a hot cup of coffee (at times two cups). I never tried to wake up my wife, shes is a light sleeper and has a hard time getting to sleep. So on most mornings, I make it a point to get up first, prepare her a cup of coffee, (usually placed in the night stand for her to see when she awakens).

After the morning coffee, it is time then to check the dogs, give them their breakfast and water also. Next would be to check the chickens, give them their food, water, check their conditions and check for eggs. Last comes the ducks, same routine as the chickens. My wife would be the one feeding the cats.

Off to the shower by this time. We are lucky the water in our area is sourced from a natural hot spring, no need for water heaters. By this time, my wife is already up and preparing our breakfast.

Now comes the hardest part, waking up and telling the teenaged son to prepare for school. Every morning, I drop him off to school. It would take at least two or three calls before he can pull himself out of bed and start to prepare.

Then we will have breakfast together. After which, we have the thanksgiving prayer and blessings before we start our day.

To others, this is quite a boring routine, but to us, everyday brings in new blessings and excitement for the family..How do you start yours?