The boy said to his mother "Oh! Linda Linda Honey listen to me".

This three year old boy acting like an old man. He was talking to his mother, but the way he talks and his expression like an old man. It was like a husband and a wife argument not a mother and a child's argument. But you can find it so cute argument because the three year old kid acting like a husband and telling the name of his mother and saying "Oh Linda, Linda, Honey listen". This young boy explaining to his mother and about the rules and it was like he knows the rules of the house. Because he was trying to get a cupcake with his young brother. But his mother didn't allow them, of course, his mother didn't want them eating too much sweet.

Once you heard their conversation on YouTube your day will be complete because of that cute little boy acting like a husband of his mom. Well, that three year old boy, don't know how to listen to his mother and he keeps making some excuses. But it is fine because he has the right to explain also but his mother teaching her kids in a proper way that's why she scolded her two young boys.

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Image Source by crayon88