I had a bad toothache tonight. I ate a couple of jelly beans and my teeth and gums just felt really sensitive. In fact, I felt like it throbbing a bit. My teeth have been bothering me off and on anyway. I have recently gone back to the dentist and am slowly starting to get the dental work that I need complete. In the mean time, my teeth seem to bother me more at certain times than others. Tonight though I felt like the pain was getting intense. I had just used up my last two pain relievers the other day. I meant to buy more at Kmart but I spent too much at the store on diapers, wipes and a couple of grocery items. The personal stuff that I was planning to buy had to be put on hold temporarily because I just had too much to buy.

I was looking for alternatives for my tooth pain and I came across an old bottle of Jack Daniels that has been sitting in my fridge for about two years. Someone had recommended using it on the gums for teething babies. I was a little afraid to try that on my babies but I figured since it was a possible remedy for teething pain that it might help me. At first, I just dabbed some on my gums but then I decided to take about a shot worth. I figured it would put me in better spirits anyway since I was so focused on the pain. It definitely numbed the gums a bit and I do feel like I am more comfortable and have some relief. Hopefully, my teeth won't feel so sensitive tomorrow.