A story about the heart, love and honesty are common feelings in a friendship.

Paper Boat is an Indonesian drama film directed by Hanung Bramantyo. He was selected as the best director of film direction menerusi Brownies (2005) and Get Married (2007). This film based on a novel titled "Paper Boat" by Dewi Lestari Dee.

This film starring Maudy Ayunda, Duke dolken and Reza Rahadian. Maudy Ayunda and Duke dolken never starred in a film titled Angel Without Wings. Reza Rahadian was nominated for best supporting actor in the film Women Berkalung Turbans. In addition, Reza Rahadian were also acting in the film Delisa memorizing prayers and Test Pack with Acha Septriasa.

Paper Boat tells the tide of friendly relations between Kugy (Maudy Ayunda) and Keenan (Duke dolken), together with their other companions rakan. Kugy aspire to be an author of fairy tales. Keenan a talented young painter. Their feelings were mutual admiration but various things prevented them talking about your feelings.

In a depressed mood, creativity painted blind but spirited Keenan Keenan has been restored by Luhde (Elyzia Mulachela), nephew of Mr. Wayan. A collector named Wayan gallery subscriptions Remi (Reza Rahadian) became the first buyer.

Kugy working in an advertising agency owned by friend of her brother, namely Remi. Kugy brilliant job performance, and attract the attention of Remi. Remi started to fall in love and sincerity Remi Kugy heartbreaking. Keenan was forced to return to Jakarta to run the family firm kerana sick father.

As paper boats are drifting with the current, and Keenan Kugy undergo the demands of life and ideals to the inevitable meeting and their hearts tested.