When city life gets too fast for me, I tend to look for a place to relax and take some breath.

First thing that come into mind is my +PLACE of birth- +Pinamalayan , +Oriental-Mondoro , PH These photos were taken in +December 2012 when I had a week to spend the +Holidays I can't help but to take pictures of the things that find my interest in every corner of our small farm. Everything is just +Perfect . The cute baby ducks, the mysterious crawling +Plant on a +Coconut tree, the loving hen and her chicks, the +Courageous ant standing upside down on a shoot, the determined farmers planting the +Rice-fields , Everything is A +Life so Plain & +Simple .
Everything is just so +Beautiful & +Amazing . I felt and experienced +Nature at its best with my short stay in our home town.