I never thought to see it happen. They have made a movie, based on the “Heaven is for Real” book. It is the true story of a little boy who dies while on the operating table and goes to Heaven.

Of course, this doesn’t come out right away. When the little boy is recovered and home with his family, it is then he starts remarking about his experiences there. How, in fact, he meets his grandfather, whom he had never met before. Only the man is young again because, this little boy says, everyone in Heaven is young. He also meets his sister, one his mother had miscarried and had never shared about with her son because he had been much too young at the time of the incident, to understand about miscarriages.

This boy also shares about Jesus, who has holes in His hands, and about the Holy Spirit, who is...blue. This only makes sense since I know people who have seen blue spirits. In fact, there is some footage on YouTube.com that even reveals this.

This boy also shares about the coming war, apparently when Jesus Christ returns. He shared that Jesus and His army are preparing, only that women and children are not to be involved.

If you haven’t read this wonderful book about this boy’s experience in Heaven, who shares things he never could have known unless he had been there, is an excellent, informative, memorable book that answers many of our questions about the afterlife.

By the way, I saw the trailer for this movie on "The 700 Club" show the other night. And Pat Robertson described this movie as “A masterpiece”. So I hope I get a chance to see it because it looks to be an extremely well-made movie that I’m sure millions will flock to see, since the book has already been a best seller.

There is footage on YouTube.com, by the way, of this little boy and his family, if you are interested in hearing more. And be sure to read the book before you see the movie. I know you’ll enjoy it.

(photo credit: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=heaven+is+for+real+cover&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz35)