Cruising along I-40 through Oklahoma in our RV, listening to a classic country music radio station, it seems like the world is all wide open spaces. The views are 360° and as the sun goes down, the sky shows beautiful tints of pinks and blues all around us. We love the north east where we were born and raised, but the wide open spaces of Oklahoma give one a sense of freedom and peace.

We're frugal RVers, so we check our stash of books for cheap and/or free places to camp for a day or two so that we can explore parts of Historic Route 66. Oklahoma has many Native American reservations and each one seems to have a casino. We've learned from other frugal (we don't say "cheap") RVers that most casinos offer free RV overnight parking. In Oklahoma, some casinos even offer free full hookups for campers! Wow, sign us up!

We pull off the road at El Reno and head to the Lucky Star Casino where we get a full-hookup site at the end of the camping area. How beautiful! Our dining area looks out over gently rolling prairie, and it seems like we can see forever! The casino is on the Cheyenne/Arapaho reservation, and we are greeted by a friendly grounds attendant who helps us settle in. Inside the casino, we register with security and are told we can stay for four nights if we wish. We sign up for the Players Club card and each get $10 free play on the slot machines (which we promptly lose!).

It will be fun using this as a base to do some exploring in the area. The 8 or 10 other campers here are friendly and helpful, sharing information about the area with us. Can't wait to visit some of the historic sites in this area. I think I love Oklahoma!