Have you ever imagined bass pounding from the trunk of your car without having a massive sub box taking up the majority of its cargo space? Well, the truth of the matter is that a free air subwoofer can make this possible!

Originally, subwoofers were designed to produce bass in a large box that was usually kept in the trunk of a car. However, times have changed and technology has advanced.

Companies like Rockford Fosgate, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Kicker have produced free air subwoofers that can produce strong bass sounds without a box. Simply screw these speakers into the wall of your trunk, connect them to an amplifier, and you will have a ton of bass without the hassle of a box!

Believe me, your car stereo practically NEEDS a free air subwoofer because you practically NEED the space in your trunk.

Trunks were designed to hold cargo and sports equipment, so don't let your bulky subwoofer box take up the majority of the space!

A free air subwoofer is the way to go if you want powerful bass without a large ported speaker box!