Eventually Meena as well as the woman's bird, Mithu, climbed the high sapling to choose the mango. Your woman selected the actual mango as well as required this in order to the woman's mom. Even though Meena experienced selected the actual mango, the woman's mom offered the bigger reveal from the fresh fruit in order to Raju. Meena experienced really let down. From supper, Meena realized that Raju because typical experienced obtained a good egg cell but- your woman didn't. Mithu wasn't very happy to observe that. Mom desired to observe when the kids experienced cleaned their own fingers prior to these people began consuming. Whilst these were outdoors cleaning their own fingers, Mithu split the actual egg cell in to 2 as well as place 1 / 2 of this upon Meena's dish. Coining back again, Raju had been annoyed to determine which 1 / 2 of their egg cell choose to go. Grandmother believed which Raju like a young man kid required much more meals however Meena's dad disagreed. He or she stated which Meena required as much meals because Raju. Raju believed he experienced proved helpful tougher compared to Meena and thus he or she earned much more meals. Following early morning Meena informed Mithu in order to awaken Raju because he'd in order to gentle the actual fireplace. Raju discovered it wasn't simple to gentle the actual fireplace. The area full of smoke cigarettes. Mithu began to chuckle. Whenever Raju attempted in order to attract the ground, the actual dirt travelled everywhere. He or she discovered it had been hard in order to attract too! Meena required Lalli the actual cow away towards the areas in order to graze. At the same time, the actual starving hens leaped throughout Raju. Meena experienced enjoyable within the area. Your woman used the kite whilst Lalli grazed. At the same time, Raju had been discovering this difficult to do Meena's function. The actual neighbors had been amazed to determine Raju, not really Meena, accumulating drinking water. Raju discovered the actual container really large. Content composed by simply mous. (All rights reserved)