A story is breaking in Rawalpindi, #Pakistan, that will embarrass the #medical profession and their Big Pharma paymasters and that #government propagandists will not want parents in the west to hear or read about.

Children who have been fully #vaccinated against measles are coming down with measles as an outbreak similar to the one in Swansea, UK a couple of months ago sweeps the city.

How can that be, when vaccinations are supposed to ‘immunize’ #children against the very diseases for which they get the toxic ‘jabs’. In March the newspapers were full of the Swansea #measles outbreak, a propaganda campaign was mounted blaming the media for creating mistrust of the MMR vaccine in the 1990s by printing scare stories linking MMR vaccine to autism as was suggested in Dr. Andrew Wakefield's research which has since been discredited.

As government, the British Medical Association and Big Pharma shills like Dr. Offit, [ http://greenteeth.blog.co.uk/2013/04/19/dr-offit-mandatory-vaccine-and-conflicts-of-interest-15769711/ ] a man who became a multi – millionaire out of creating vaccines, in some cases to protect against diseases that are not caused by bacteria or virus infection, tried to pump up the hysteria by warning of a massive death toll, truth began to assert itself thanks to new media. In fact one person, an adult, died while suffering from measles. But he did not die of measles but a chronic respiratory disease. And he had been vaccinated.

The vaccine cabal responded, “Ah but he probably did not get the booster shot that is needed for full immunity.

His medical record, released with his family's permission showed that he did. Then another two things emerged: about half the children and adults in whom measles was diagnosed had been fully vaccinated, and the number of 'cases' being notified to the media by medical authorities was suspected cases. Only a tiny number were confirmed as measles. [ Welsh Measles Epidemic Faked: http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-05-04/welsh-measles-epidemic-was-faked/ ] ... [ An Outbreak Of Misinformation, Not Measles: http://www.naturalnews.com/040032_measles_outbreak_mmr_vaccine_Swansea.html ]

When the standard immunisation for measles was the single vaccine rather than the triple MMR jab, uptake was 98 per cent. After the introduction of MMR, partly due to the Wakefield effect but also prompted by many media reports of serious adverse reaction, uptake fell to 60 per cent. As usual the intelligent voices asked the question government, Big Pharma and the medical bodies do not want to answer, “If it is so important to immunize against measles, why not make a single vaccine available?” Such answers as are given have no credibility whatsoever. Were it even true that #MMR is more effective that the single vaccine ever was, surely where MMR arouses mistrust, the single vaccine is better than none.

Measles is not the only controversial vaccine; whooping cough (Petrussis) has been disproving vaccine ‘science’ for quite a while now. Natural News blew the whistle on that in their article “Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated”[http://www.naturalnews.com/035466_whooping_cough_vaccines_outbreaks.html] Polio has been caused by the very vaccine to prevent it. Back in August of 2009 Associated Press London news service reported, “Polio is spreading in Nigeria and health officials say in some cases it's caused by the vaccine used to fight the paralyzing disease.”[http://www.thinktwice.com/s_polio.htm] Please note: the vaccines that have caused polio have only been used in third world countries, if you live in a developed nation do not skip this vaccine, kids love to play in dirty water when you are not looking.

There is something rotten in the science of immunology, if the only logic behind vaccines and mass vaccination programs is the rabid belief that vaccines provide immunity from disease.

Maybe one of the doctors involved in combating the Pakistani outbreak is onto something with his comments on the vaccine propaganda/ reality disconnect.

Quote: (This is translated for me by a Pakistani friend from an online newspaper report)

“In the North #America, Western #Europe, and other outposts of the developed world where #vaccination coverage supposedly is close to 100 percent, measles also has appeared! Why that is happening?

In my opinion a lack of acquired natural #immunity is now apparent in two generations due to mandated vaccinations. That happens when a pregnant mother does not—and cannot—pass on to her fetus naturally-acquired immunities she does not have, nor can acquire, since she did not contract those inconvenient childhood infectious diseases that appear to be designed by #Nature to improve or the #human #immune system by creating pass-along immunities.

Just about every child in The West has been vaccinated numerous times by medical mandate since the 1980s. That interferes with human physiology and the ability to acquire lifelong immunities, something that apparently would interfere with Big Pharma’s marketing plans for vaccines. What vaccines do, in effect, is ‘castrate’ the natural human immune system we are born with, and substitute a chemical and pharmaceutically-induced antigen response quite different from natural immunity as witnessed by adverse reaction events many vaccinees experience after receiving vaccinations.” End quote

Well those are the words of a doctor, I could not possibly comment on whether he is correct or not. Your guess is as good as mine. But if like me you are a person with a healthy distrust of #power and #authority, I'd say our guesses are pretty accurate.

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