An opportunity for those who do not appear twice, or may be a long time until you get. A collector who wants to dispose of a significant number of exhibits, an auction house that accepts embark on a new project and a potential clientele made up of fans and some not so, seeking a store of value in the legal market.

The collector is Raul Blisniuk, the auction house, Saráchaga, the opportunity, the mega auction of over 600 items of memorabilia linked to Bealtes, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, among other great bands with base prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 120 000. Expectations are high among those involved. Prices are affordable because the idea is to sell, not to expose.

"It's the first time we do an auction of memorabilia. Operating in the house there is no difference, if the type of objects that we, not our usual," admitted John Mary Poiron, one of the directors and auctioneers of Saráchaga in dialogue with á

There are many aspects that make the event interesting. First, not often seen in Argentina such lots, less priced in local currency. In turn, base prices go to auction those are very accessible, coupled with the popularity of the artists and the need for savers and investors to find value stocks in the formal market.

Blisniuk began preparing the lots in December, when he planned to auction only get 300. In preliminary work appeared forgotten pieces that were added to the original. In total, 621 items will be auctioned on 16 and 17 April.

An alpaca suit that John Lennon wore on the set of Hard Day's Night is the main challenge of the lot. Comes with a base of $ 120,000. Among the crown jewels there is also a picture of the guitar inspired by the cover of his album Imagine where it is joined by Yoko Ono. The framed sketch can be purchased from $ 95,000.

It is the third time that the collector submit your articles to auction. In 2010, through the Banco Ciudad, four photos autographed by the members of The Beatles with a base price of $ 40,000, climbed to $ 130,000, while a low Conrad Paul McCartney valued at $ 50,000 was sold in $ 140 thousand.

"People sounds like dollars, but we're putting everything in pesos and there are quite fluently. People try to leave the weights to go to antiques," reflected Poiron.

In addition, there are guitars signed by all members of The Beatles, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa. Gold records, autographed photos (with certificate), movie posters and tickets to concerts also be purchased. Many were purchased at auctions worldwide and have the catalog of the finished house.

The photos have autographed certificate issued by international companies, "Art is something that elusive half, in the memorabilia is a little more armed the subject to avoid problems," he said.

"There are pieces that we think you should shoot, and others that will be a little more difficult," he confessed to this medium. They expect to sell between 60 and 70% of the objects. The full catalog is available at the website of the auction

• Blisniuk, a renewed fan

Raul is a merchant Blisniuk Flores neighborhood who dedicated his life to gather items from The Beatles primarily. The Guinness Book considers the greatest collector of Latin American band. Why part with their treasures? "It has many objects and wanted to make a significant reduction," said Poiron.

"Collectors are perfected, always changing. No collector that will last throughout a lifetime. We spend a lot of art, that maybe 10 frames that are not high level, sold and bought a more important" he added.

The collector paid for the exhibition of paintings by Argentine artists objects, which they had requested a piece inspired by the Beatles. Discos, figurines, posters and dolls mingle with Nicolás García Uriburu boxes, and Rogelio Pérez Celis Polesello.

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