$17.5 million has been spent on special exemptions for brothels in the state of Nevada and to ensure that the wages of prostitutes are disbursed equally to those of blue and white collar workers of America. These exemptions include a tax deduction for their rent, utilities, and grocery bills, because after all, they are serving some of the very fine men of our country such as senators, congressmen, and military service men.

These prostitutes appear to be considered slightly above any other contributing professional worker in our country and the government evidently believes that they deserves some slack on paying dues for what is needed for survival by all people, don’t you think? No! What I think is that this is completely and absolutely absurd!

And just to think, hardworking citizens and tax payers have had their houses foreclosed on, loss their jobs, and have no other means of resources to bounce back to normalcy, but through government assistance if they are lucky to qualify. Maybe they should consider moving to Nevada and opening up a brothel!

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