My Coke rewards coupons come in yesterday, all six of them! The coupons are for a free 12 pack coke or one of its many other flavors. I got these free product coupons on a HUGE deal. It just took thirty points for each twelve pack coupon. These coupons are usually two hundred and forty points a piece. I scored great.

I sent my husband off to Wal-Mart with these coupons so my stockpile will start building. Not only did I just send him there for these but because I get an employee discount as well. I can use free product coupons plus my discount. My discount lands us in the negative meaning the store owes us money back. I love that we can get money back. I use it on other needs my family might have.

I have two birthday parties coming up so these twelve packs will come in handy. I will also keep redeeming my points for more free pop as needed.