The art of bubbling can be described as being similar to the concept of the art of war. (Thank you Sun Tzu) You have to strike quickly, strike decisively, bubble while the bubbles are hot, and never let them see you sweat. I have several more cliches I might share with you, but that is not really necessary. What is important is the fact that there is no get rich quick scheme. There is only perseverance and intelligent use of your time. Those things will help you far more than Mr. McMillionaire's fifty-seven secrets for making your bank account explode with new income.

However, there are 5 ways to earn massive cash on Bubblews that they don't want you to know about. Who are they? Well, they are the people who don't want you to succeed because they can't do so legitimately. These are the 'haters' of the world who would rather tear someone down that be part of a solution that helps everyone. What are the 5 ways to earn massive cash on Bubblews that they don't want you to know about? Read on!

1: Connections Aren't What You Think They Are.

Have you noticed that despite the rising number of connections you have, your earnings may not increase substantially? Some people seem to do more with 200 connections than others do with 1,000 connections. The reason for this is simple. The people connecting to you 'suck'. Yes, they suck and suck terribly. They suck your time, your attention, and your money. They are money suckers and they are bleeding you dry.

Don't think this is true? Pay attention to the stuff that many of your 'quiet' connections post now and then. Ever notice how some of them will post things very similar to what you posted just an hour before? It won't be plagiarism but they are still posting your ideas in their voice. This is fine if they have a unique twist or personal assessment, or they are linking to your post and providing commentary. However, the ones who do nothing more than read your posts and then make a competing post are sucking your money.

Further, take a look at your connections. Really look at your notifications. How many of them actually interact with you? I do count likes, comments and mentions as interaction. Look at the ones that post but never even seem to take notice of your posts at all. weeks might go by without so much as a peep from them, but you go and you look at their posts frequently because you connected with them as well. These are time suckers.

You may want to consider actually weeding through your connections and slowly pairing them down to the point that only the ones that you interact with are on your connections list. This will free you from massive notifications and you can always connect with that person again later if they start interacting with your.

2: Create Blog Posts About Your Bubblews Posts

This is fairly simple, straightforward, and easy to accomplish. Go out and join five sites such as Blogger, Hubpages, YouTube, and Squidoo. Use these sites to create eloquent and detailed articles. Have a link about your Bubblews posts posted. That link will be directed to a Bubblews post that you created as a hub for linking to many other Bubblews posts. Say you like to write about making money. Create a bubble about that and have it link to all of your money bubblews on a similar theme. Now create articles on these other sites that provide detailed information about making money. Link those articles to your bubble hub. Wash, rinse, repeat. Share both your individual bubbles and these blog posts on your social media sites. Your traffic (views) will increase steadily.

3: Comments Are Your Friends

Did you know that you can make friends by being friendly? Shocking, right? Well, you can make connections (hopefully non-suck connections) by leaving interesting comments. Make it your goal to write at least twenty-five interesting comments each day on different posts for different members. This will allow you to slowly get your name out there. It increases the social nature of the site. It brings people to your profile. It gets you connections.

You may comment more than this, but if you do comment GOOD and interesting comments at least this number of times per day then at the end of the month there will be 750 chances that someone, somewhere, will see your name and be a new connection. Good connections = money.

  1. Be a Good Connection

Don't just absent-mindedly like everything you see and forget that the writer exists. Try to leave profile comments, have conversations, speak with them. In short, make money for them and they will end up also making money for you. They may mention you in a post, people may notice you, people might share YOU on their social media pages. If you're interesting and active then you'll be in the money.

  1. Don't Over Post

Many people feel that they have to post 10 times per day. This is not true. I rarely post more than five or six times per day and even then it seems unnecessary. What is important is the quality of your posts and not the quantity. 10 highly interactive, quality, observational posts can earn a lot more than 30 -40 fluff-laden forgettable posts. By all means mix in your good morning and good night posts with your recipes for fried spam. Tell people about your breakfast, but also teach them something. This is the key. Be likeable. Be approachable. Be useful. The money will come!

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