This season the AKC will be adding five new breeds to the roster of pure bred dogs.

Berger Picard- This is a breed that originated in France. They have a rough coat and are very lively dogs. The dog gained prominence due to the movie “Because of Winn Dixie”. They can sometimes be one person dogs.

Coton De-Tulear- is a cotton ball of a dog with white fur. They need quite a bit of grooming. They weigh about 12 pounds. These little dogs like to play and enjoy playing in water.

Lagotta Romagnolo- is a curly coated breed which originates in Italy. They are a working breed and need consistent training need an active person to manage their high energy. They stand about 17 inches at the shoulder. Their coat is waterproof.

Miniature American Shepherds- These are also known as Miniature Australian Shepherds (Though they are not bred in Australia. Instead they are an American dog). I have seen these intelligent dogs featured in the tv show ‘Too Cute’. They can be bred in red, blue, merle or tricolor.

Spanish Water Dog- resembles the Portugese Water Dog. They are very a curly coated breed. They are also very strong willed dogs and need socialization and training.

This is the Berger Picard Picture via

This little dog is the Coton De-Tulear
picture yahoo.images This is italian Lagotta Romagnolo
picture via This is a red Miniture Australian Shepherd
picture via This is the Spanish Water Dog.
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