Although it seems harmless at first sight, hiding some secrets gel manicure. It can encourage serious nail damage, warns the famous Dr. Oz! See which harmful effects!  Gel Manicure is considered a real treat for women, more so as it has the advantage of perfect nails for a few weeks. Without bouncing nail polish without nail break, or a manicure that lasts even a month if natural colors. But Dr. Oz along with other experts invited to show warned that this type of pure acetone nail needs to be removed, which promotes nail destruction.

No matter what type of polish you use is preferable to do and short breaks to allow nails to "breathe". During this time you can treat them with olive oil to keep them warm in a few minutes or lemon juice to improve their appearance and enhance their.

Dr. Oz suggests that you should not constantly call this manicure because it has some side effects, such as:

  1. It is more aggressive with nail Therefore it is preferable not to use it permanently, only in certain situations. If you have made the first gel manicure after you remove it your nails will not look very healthy, and a complete cycle of their renewal may take up to 5 months. Only after you get to your entire piece of nail that was applied to the gel, your nails will look healthy again.

  2. Remove with pure acetone, which can cause eczema Ordinary nail polish is removed with a solution containing in addition to acetone and other substances that strengthen or dilute acetone nail, making it less aggressive nail. This prevents nail damage, although you surely noticed that when using any nail polish nails constantly and do not let "breathe", which is yellow and looks visibly damaged.

In contrast, gel nail polish can be removed only with a solution composed of 100% acetone which we find only in beauty salons. Nails should be kept in this solution, which can trigger allergic reactions such as eczema. An advice can you give manicurist nail to avoid sinking into pure acetone: wrap them in cotton disks previously soaked in acetone and cover them with foil. This will decrease the time needed to maintain acetone on the nail.

  1. If you remove one, the nail will have suffered more than Can not you more money to remove nail polish with gel and you thought that you remove as crack. It is much worse, experts warn. Grasping pieces of gel will remove the surface layer of the nail, leaving it very vulnerable for a few months I needed to regenerate completely.

  2. Contains volatile substances that can cause breathing problems One such ingredient injurious to health is called "methyl methacrylate" and can cause respiratory problems and irritation to eyes and skin. You should know that this ingredient is banned by Safety Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but he continues to be present in these products for nail salons.

  3. Your nails are exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UVA) that cause cancer Lamp which dries nails with UV gel has (UVA), that is a kind of solar nails. We know from numerous studies that have linked exposure to ultraviolet tanning and increased risk of skin cancer. Experts say that most cancers occurring in hands caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet. Each session counts and increased risk of cancer, one cumulative effect.